Privacy Policy

Please  note that your privacy is important to us, as it should be. Users of the iMass app are not monitored, your information is not retrieved, your hardware is not used to spy on you.

Location services are only used to show your point on the map to you and to prepare the app to help you navigate to the selected church using your Apple Maps application.


Holy Mass. Anywhere. Anytime.

The app of LiveMass

Cell phone technology changes a lot faster than we are able to keep up with. Ten years ago, cell phones were not able to play videos in the web browser (yes, believe it or not it hasn't been that long!) This is why the iMass app was created - to bring the broadcasts of the Masses to mobile devices, even before they were able to do so natively!

The iMass app is still popular, even though you can now use your web browser on you phone. It's simply more practical and includes other things, not just the broadcasts. Namely, it includes the Missal, and the Breviary. Many people use the iMass app to follow along the Mass they are attending, or to pray the Divine Office.

Version 5

Version 5 of iMass not only improves, but adds to what iMass even is.

Version 5 introduces the iMass Map. 

A map of all the Extraordinary Form Mass locations worldwide, so that wherever you find yourself, you will be able to find the closest Latin Mass to attend. We have seeded the iMass Map with over 200 locations to begin, and we invite our users to submit more locations through the app, so that the iMass Map will soon list all the Extraordinary Form Mass locations worldwide, that are approved by the Catholic Church.

Selecting on a location in the map will present a bubble with Mass times. Selecting the map icon in the bubble with open Apple Maps and give you driving directions to the church.

If there's a Mass location that's not on the map, you can submit it and the iMass team will verify and include it in the next revision of iMass.

Version 5 (finally) incorporates the Rituale Romanum of 1962 with search capabilities so that priests can have the blessings of the Rituale Romanum at their disposal for all impromptu blessing requests. Don't forget to keep your Stole and Holy Water with your iPhone Father!

Another small yet big improvement in Version 5 is including a Live Broadcast Calendar instead of the listed generic schedule. The schedule was difficult to read, did not factor in Daylight Saving changes, and couldn't be easily updated. Now, with the Live Broadcast Calendar, all changes in schedule are seamlessly there, special liturgies are there and Daylight Saving is a non-issue.

The calendar shows the broadcast times in your local time, so if it says that the next Mass will be broadcasting at 5:30 am, that means 5:30 am on your watch, not somewhere else in the world!

Over the past ten years the downloads of the iMass app have interestingly remained the same. Every day more people are discovering iMass, in spite of the "few and far in between" updates. Now with the iMass Map, we hope that all these people discovering iMass will begin to discover the Masses celebrated in the Extraordinary Form that perhaps are quite near to them, yet all the while they had no idea!

Look for iMass on the App Store or the Google Play Store .

iPad Screen Shot

iPhone Screen Shot

Ten years of iMass

iMass was the first app that streamed Holy Mass - actually it was one of the first apps that streamed anything from any church! Over the years there have been only  a few updates, but actually we have come a long way!

Version 1 was quite primitive. It had the option to view the recorded Mass of the day at Sarasota FL, using one camera.

Mr Lazlo Kiss, creator of graciously did a lot of work to assemble the daily missal for the iMass app.

From there it slowly improved, adding two "video on demand" files, one of the Sunday Mass, one of the day Mass.

Version 2  finally brought the Live Broadcast. It also included two streams, in case one wasn't working for whatever reason with the back end server.

Android had a primitive beginning too - you needed to download the file and then view it in your video viewer of choice.

That wasn't all so practical so we quickly worked on subsequent improvements. Eventually we were also able to include the live broadcasts in android.

Version 3 was more of a user interface improvement. It changed how the app looked, and caught the android and iOS apps up to speed with each other.  

Version 4 was a big improvement. It updated the app to work on the many different screen sizes that the new Apple devices enjoyed (previously they all had the same screen size). It also merged both the iPad and the iPhone app into one.

Previously they were different apps because the iPad used different streaming backend code than the iPhone.

Most importantly, Version 4 began broadcasting from four different locations worldwide.

Worldwide locations mean different languages - so Version 4 was available in three different languages for the first time: English, Spanish and French.

The android version got a step ahead of the iOS version for some time, because it was difficult to add the Rituale to the iOS app (as in, it was rejected from the App Store).

Version 5 now introduces an entire new element within iMass, possibly changing the scope of the app. The iMass Map.

Now the app is not only for those who wish to stream Holy Mass when they cannot attend one, but also for finding new Latin Mass locations near where you are, planning family trips, or finding Mass and confession locations when you are traveling.