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Please consider making a donation, maybe even a recurring monthly donation, to help us cover our monthly streaming expenses, maintenance of equipment, special broadcasts from our Travel Set and to set up new locations.

Broadcasting ordinations or special events with our Travel Set usually costs around $8,000

Our monthly streaming and licensing expenses are around $2000

(The streaming costs have gone up substantially this month)

To set up a new location costs around $20,000

Every donation helps.  Thank you for helping us continue this Apostolate of spreading the Latin Mass throughout the world.

While is not HTTPS at this time, the donate link is to a secure page.

May God reward you!


There are only a few items in the store

but we will add more when they become available.

An attractive yet simple missalette designed to help you assist and familiarize yourself with Holy Mass in the Traditional Extraordinary Form. It's format is unique: in the center of the page are the texts of the Mass in both Latin and English. In the left margin is a continuous explanation of the Mass which you can read as the Mass progresses. In the right margin is a continuous devotional method of attending Mass, an age-old yet lost custom of prayers written for the laity to unite themselves to the Mass that is being celebrated.

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An app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device for viewing the broadcasts of LiveMass, as also the breviary, missal, Rituale Romanum and now with the iMass Map.

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